"AC Pharma Corp was established in the year 1986"

About Us

AC Pharma Corp was established in the year 1986 with a primary and precise mandate to provide pharmaceutical and healthcare supplies to our clients around the world. I started as a Sales Representative for Hoechst-Roussell Pharmaceuticals in Brooklyn, NY area and worked with them for 16 years. I started AC Healthcare Supply Inc. and supplied large clinics and hospital in New York City with their healthcare needs until 2001.

Ventured in pharmaceuticals and healthcare supplies for both the US, Caribbean, Central and South American markets along with contracting with manufacturers in India, China and South America. AC Pharma started supplying the MINSA (Government Health Authority) to several Central American Governments, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and the Caribbean.

The vast experience and professionalism lead AC Pharma Corp. ventured in global supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare supplies.

Mohamed Shafeek


Supply without restrictions a variety of pharmaceuticals to all countries in the global market


To get as many manufacturers of pharmaceuticals globally to sign on to meet the needs of all nations. Also to get nations to stop putting up a block to global free trade of pharmaceuticals as with other products.

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